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A Practice Focused on the contractual termination (rupture conventionnelle)


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A committed social and societal policy

CHG-Avocat, a law firm registered at the Paris Bar association, focuses its practice on negotiating and obtaining contractual terminations for employees. It has made the defence of employees its primary objective.

CHG-Avocat acts throughout France, regardless of its clients’ place of residence or work. The firm regularly represents employees from Paris to Marseille, from Lyon to Bordeaux, and in the French overseas departments and territories, particularly on Reunion Island, in addition to representing expatriate employees who may reside in the United States, Brazil, China and more generally in Asia, Africa or South America.

CHG-Avocat is the first law firm in France to devote its practice solely to contractual termination of contract through a transparent offer, an affordable price and a fully dedicated website.

The firm is based on a strong commitment and a social conviction “Our mission : Your defence”, and presents itself as a necessary counterbalance to the employer. CHG-Avocat is also committed to the planet through its CHG-GreenLaw program. The commitment is to (1) reduce the firm’s carbon footprint and (2) offset it.

Maître Gauthier Chevalier

A word from the founder, Mr. Gauthier Chevalier, attorney at law

Mr. Gauthier Chevalier, founding lawyer of the CHG-Avocat law firm, member of the Paris Bar Association, works regularly in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Quadrilingual and internationally oriented, he received training in the most prestigious Anglo-American business law firms in Paris and São Paulo before setting up his Law firm and bringing to life his social and societal vocation in the interest of employees.

« For me, being a lawyer is a vocation through which I wanted to rebalance the existing balance of power in labour relations and put the human being back at the centre of the relationship. In a word, to protect employees.

The increase in the number of cases of burn-out and harassment, as well as the treatment of pregnant women, prompted me to propose a solution to employees that would be a real counterbalance for them and would allow negotiations to take place in a fairer manner.

The proposed service aims to make recourse to a lawyer accessible and transparent, while at the same time providing real protection.

Except in exceptional cases, an intelligent agreement is necessarily reached in order to protect the employee, either through participative negotiation protecting existing relationships, or through traditional negotiation ».